We're pretty fuckin' far from okay [2016]


Fear is a human body at its most instinctive, fear is a body in trance. The concrete and basic physiological changes it induces are the point of departure for We’re pretty fuckin’ far from okay, the third performance in Voetvolk | Lisbeth Gruwez’ triptych on the ecstatic body (with It’s going to get worse…and AH/HA.)


Fear is not a cultural construct but an evolutionary response deeply embedded in our genetic make-up. It is directly linked to basic survival. Even before we can deal consciously with it, our body starts to react in a drastic way. Our heartbeat and breathing accelerate, we start to sweat and tremble, readying our body for a vital decision: fight, flight or freeze?


On these bodily reflexes from fear, especially its impact on breathing, Lisbeth Gruwez focuses in We’re pretty fuckin’ far from okay. Difficulty in breathing can generate a panic attack, the right respiration on the other hand diminishes oppression or can even overcome it. The movement of breathing as the source of internal feedback for tension and contraction, repose and expansion - within the body and in relation to the external environment alike: on this tight-rope between restraint and release the performance balances. Lisbeth Gruwez and Nicolas Vladislav aspire to affect their audiences and to draw them into the dynamics of their breathing.

Sound designer Maarten Van Cauwenberghe uses the performers’ breathing as a unique building block for a sound collage that is in dialogue with their bodies. His soundscape creates suspense, pushes the movement and at other times induces contemplative ease.  


It has been stated that at the beginning of the 21st century we are living in ‘a culture of fear’, that we are in a permanent ‘state of crisis’. We’re pretty fuckin’ far from okay isn’t a political or sociological account of anxiety in our society, it shows what the prolonged exposure to distress does to our bodies.



Concept and choreography 

Lisbeth Gruwez


Composition, sounddesign & assistance

Maarten Van Cauwenberghe



Lisbeth Gruwez & Nicolas Vladyslav



Bart Van den Eynde



Lisbeth Gruwez


Light design 

Harry Cole


Light Assistance 

Caroline Mathieu



Marie Szernovisz, Lisbeth Gruwez, Maarten Van Cauwenberghe



Lucius Romeo-Fromm



Voetvolk vzw



La Batie-festival de Genève, KVS, Le Phare - Centre Choregraphique National du Havre Normandie, Theater Im Pumpenhaus, Les Brigittines, Tandem Arras-Douai, Weimar Kunstfest, MA Scène Nationale – Pays de Montbéliard and Troubleyn|Jan Fabre.



Troubleyn|Jan Fabre, Buda Kunstencentrum, Stuk, Les Brigittines



Key Performance


With the support of

Vlaamse Gemeenschap, Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie & Nona




okay-_carnet_d_art.pdf Jul 22 2016
Les peurs, corps et âmes
okay-_theaterkrant.pdf Jul 2 2016
The only thing we have to fear
okay-_de_standaard.pdf Jul 6 2016
Als angst door de zenuwbanen giert
okay-_utopia_parkway.pdf Jul 19 2016
Lisbeth Gruwez' deconstruction of bodies in distress
okay-_ma_culture.pdf Sep 12 2016
We're pretty fuckin' far from okay, Lisbeth Gruwez
20160705-nb-055-aa-023-ext_20160704212452.pdf Jul 5 2016
Angst in het lijf
avignon_we_re_pretty_fucking_far_from_okay_le_retour_des_enfants_prodigues_inferno.pdf Jul 21 2016
Le retour des enfants prodigues
a_gene_ve_la_ba_tie_a_de_bute_dans_la_pe_nombre_et_la_re_pe_tition_-_le_temps.pdf Sep 5 2016
Les gestes de la peur
bon_plan_a_avignon_par_e_serafini_inferno_du_18_au_24_juillet_2016_-we_re_pretty_fucking_far_from_okay_gymnase_paul_gie_ra__les_bons_plans_d_avignon.pdf Jul 8 2016
Respirer, c'est être libre
critique_lisbeth_gruwez_observe_l_effroi_au_microscope_-_culture_-_tdg_ch.pdf Sep 4 2016
Lisbeth Gruwez observe l'effroi au microscope
culture_sce_ne_le_souffle_de_toutes_les_peurs.pdf Jul 21 2016
Le souffle de toutes les peurs
doc_-_1-09-16_07-53_copy.pdf Sep 1 2016
Tänzerin klopft an die Himmelspforte
gruwez_de_cortique_la_peur_-_la_libre_be.pdf Jul 3 2016
Gruwez décortique la peur
intro-spectare_-_i_o_gazette.pdf Jul 29 2016
kvwv.pdf Jul 1 2016
Dansen in Avignon
l_insense_gruwez_une_danse_de_communication.pdf Jul 24 2016
Gruwez: une danse de communication
lesinrocks.pdf Jul 14 2016
Anatomie de la peur
lesinrocks2.pdf Jul 14 2016
Lisbeth Gruwez n'a peur de rien
lisbeth_gruwez_la_voix_du_nord_douai_du_26_mai_2016.pdf May 25 2016
Lisbeth Gruwez de retour à L'Hippodrome pour sa nouvelle pièce
lisbeth_gruwez_fait_la_peur_belle_a_la_danse_-_culture_next.pdf Jul 5 2016
Lisbeth Gruwez fait la peur belle à la danse
lisbeth_gruwez_la_force_des_failles_-_la_libre_be.pdf Jul 24 2016
Lisbeth Guwez, la force des failles
lisbeth_gruwez_we_re_pretty_fuckin_far_from_okay.pdf Jun 29 2016
Lisbeth Gruwez, We're pretty fuckin' far from okay
nrc_handelsblad_slotrecensie_julidans_11_juli.pdf Jul 11 2016
Geslaagd julidans bezingt de mens
parool_recensie_pere_faura_en_voetvolk_4_juli.pdf Jul 1 2016
Julidans biedt keuze tussen wrevel of omarmd worden
tanz_im_pumpenhaus_manipulatives_spiel_mit_der_angst.pdf Jun 12 2016
Manipulaties Spiel mit der Angst
trouw_slotrecensie_julidans_12_juli.pdf Jul 12 2016
Met kleren aan meer zeggingskracht
un_corps_pour_mes_peurs_l_echo.pdf Jul 21 2016
Un corps pour mes peurs
un_fauteuil_pour_l_orchestre_le_site_de_critiques_the_a_trales_parisien_we_are_pretty_fuckin_far_from_okay_de_lisbeth_gruwez_au_gymnase_paul_gie_ra.pdf Jul 21 2016
We're pretty fuckin' far from okay de Lisbeth Gruwez au Gymnase Paul Giéra
we_re_pretty_fuckin_far_from_okay_de_lisbeth_gruwez.pdf Jul 19 2016
Lisbeth Gruwez même pas peur
we_re_pretty_fuckin_far_from_okay_-_2016_entretien_-_journal_la_terrasse.pdf Jun 26 2016
We're pretty fuckin' far from okay - Avignon- entretien
we_re_pretty_fuckin_far_from_okay_de_lisbeth_gruwez_action_parallele-1.pdf Jul 26 2016
Anatomie de la peur
we_re_pretty_fuckin_far_from_okay_la_respiration_de_l_angoisse_the_a_toile.pdf Jul 22 2016
La respiration de l'angoisse
zwangshandlungen_auf_der_bu_hne_alles_mu_nster.pdf Jun 12 2016
Zwangshandlungen auf der Bühne
avignon_lisbeth_gruwez_en_guerre_contre_la_peur_-_arts_et_sce_nes_-_te_le_rama_fr.pdf Jul 22 2016
En guerre contre la peur
recensie_de_volkskrant_5_juli_2016.pdf Jul 5 2016
De angst blijft in het duet van Lisbeth Gruwez ongedefinieerd, de angst staat centraal
focusclipschore.pdf Feb 3 2017
Alors on danse
knack.pdf Feb 27 2017
We're pretty fuckin' far from okay: pretty fuckin' fantastic