Birth of Prey

Lisbeth Gruwez & Maarten Van Cauwenberghe

Creation: 2008


The human body is a machine full of animal reflexes and signals. Our spirit drives that beautiful instrument, but what drives our mind?

Birth of Prey observes the routines, rituals and the body language between predator and prey.

Birth of Prey, a circular ritual that gives form to the interaction between the rational instruction and the metaphysical emotion.

The constant metamorphosis of the being.



Gruwez does surrender her body entirely in performance and puts every centimetre of flesh, muscle and ligament at its disposal with a litheness that remains almost unconceivable.

by Jackie Fletcher – The British Theatre Guide

Gruwez is her own secret weapon. She has a fascinating stage presence you are not able to get around.

by Daniëlle Deregt – De Standaard

Lisbeth Gruwez’ solo is hard fare, yet exuding a quality that is hard to elude. No matter how self-tormented the dancer stages herself, steeped in pain, this is matched by her protean flexibility, the perfect control of her body and her theatrical effectiveness – a dance performance that will not easily fade.

by Isabell Steinböck – Allgemeine Zeitung

Birth of Prey is the title chosen by the Belgian group Voetvolk for this fascinating and sometimes uncanny dance performance … Music and dance liberate an enormous, archaically potent force, which at the same time seduces by its extraordinary exactitude.

by Helmut Jasny – MZ 


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