Lisbeth Gruwez & Maarten Van Cauwenberghe

Creation: 2010


HeroNeroZero analyses how the body disintegrates in time, until it is just a mere memory, a vague, or indeed clear, footprint.

Every human being pursues success and is in constant movement, in search of better, more, bigger. He wants to give meaning to his life and is constantly looking for signs that confirm his existence and its significance. We offer resistance, fight, sometimes heroically, sometimes humiliated, always hunted down by the fear that we might disappear into oblivion. From the hero who features in our own life to nothing, from Hero to Zero and back. This is how we look ahead to a verdict that will be evident from the trail left behind at the end of the road: Hero, Nero or Zero.



When Gruwez and Fordeyn sing “We could be heroes, just for one day”, taking their cue from David Bowie, they manage to grab us by the scruff of the neck again. While singing, their embrace turns into groaning, their groaning becomes fighting, their fighting dancing. This is typical of the strong performer epitomized most prominently by Lisbeth Gruwez: she knows how to choose her images. And she knows when she has to give a full whack in order to win.

by Sarah Vankersschaever – De Standaard

This work for two men and a woman (Gruwez herself) proves that her talent reaches beyond her own performance power. (…) There is no doubt that Gruwez as a choreographer absolutely commands a visual language and an atmosphere of her own, sober, honest, without airs and graces.

by Mirjam van der Linden – De Volkskrant