Untitled Debussy Project

Creation: 2019


“Music is the space between the notes”

– Claude Debussy


At this moment Lisbeth Gruwez is working on a still untitled Debussy project, a dance solo that serves as a preparatory study for a new large-scale production, Hunters & Collectors (2021). Together with pianist Claire Chevallier (who worked with Rosas and Anima Eterna, amongst others) Gruwez dabbles in the préludes and études of French composer Claude Debussy.

They want to examine and translate how Debussy, rebel and challenger of classical music, fiddled around with the hegemony of rules by focusing on silence and space, little detours and small gestures.

The Debussy project of Voetvolk will become a duet between the work of Debussy and the whirling dance material of Gruwez, who explicitly wants to dance ‘between the notes’.

Premiere is expected to take place in the spring of 2020.